Asbestos Assessing and Surveying

Asbestos Assessing and Surveying

Asbestos Assessing and Surveying

The Client: Heron Ship Repair Limited

The Site: Port Road, Whangarei

The Project: Heron Ship Repair Limited engaged Thomas Consultants Ltd (TCL) to provide Asbestos Assessor services during removal of super-6 cladding and roofing from their winch house. TCL reviewed the contractor’s removal methodology and asbestos removal control plans (ARCP). During removal works, Thomas Consultants conducted background air monitoring, site supervision and provided clearances once all ACM had been removed

The Goal: During asbestos removal works, air quality monitoring and site supervision was undertaken to ensure both a safe working environment and ensure that the surrounding areas were safe for both Heron personnel and their contractors as the surrounding areas had to remain live during removal works

The Process: The process involved working with Heron and the licensed asbestos removalist (SAMRS) to ensure that we could meet the deadlines for the project by providing a dedicated Asbestos Assessor to the project. Our Asbestos Assessor took a proactive approach, working with our client and their contractors to identify and mitigate any risks that may impact on this project.

The Outcome: Our Asbestos Assessors and Surveyors provided a great service to our client in achieving progressive clearance certifications in time to allow subsequent re-cladding and re-roofing works to proceed without delay.

The Value: To successfully complete this project, our client required specialist knowledge and input from experienced professionals, who add value and understand the process from inception to completion. Our Environmental Contamination team provided tailored solutions at each stage and the collaborative partnership enabled us to deliver our comprehensive service.

Project Partners: Heron Ship Repair Limited , Heron Construction Limited and Specialised Asbestos and Mould Removal Services

Services provided:

– Compile scope of works documentation for asbestos removal

– Review contractor methodologies and ARCP

– Conduct background air monitoring

– Supervise asbestos removal works

– Provide technical advice to the client

– Undertake clearance inspections and provide clearance certificates

Completion date: September 2021