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Asbestos Surveys

Obtain peace of mind with our quick response service to determine if you have asbestos anywhere on your property.

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Asbestos Management Plans

Thomas Consultants can work with you to produce a comprehensive asbestos management plan.

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Asbestos Project Management

We are often called in to oversee contract engagement and project management of asbestos removal. We guarantee the site will be clear of asbestos and safe for occupation.

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Asbestos Site Clearances

We can respond to any urgent asbestos site clearance request, get to site quickly and complete the clearance sampling, as well as request urgent lab results in order to make sure your site works can continue.

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Pre-export Asbestos Testing

Our Asbestos team at Thomas Consultants are experienced in pre-export asbestos testing for second-hand vehicles being exported to Australia.

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Mobile Fibre Counting Laboratory

Thomas Consultants have the only mobile asbestos fibre counting lab in the north island. Here we can conduct the entire asbestos air monitoring procedure and process your air monitoring results.

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Mould Testing

Thomas Consultants offers both surface and airborne mould testing. We can assist with identification and recommend remediation options.

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What is asbestos?

Unsure about what asbestos is and where it might be in your home or workplace? Learn a little bit about this hazard and contact us today to alleviate your concerns.

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