How does Asbestos get into Soil?

Soil can become contaminated with asbestos in a number of ways including:

  • Inadequate identification, removal, clearance and decontamination of ACM before building or structure demolition resulting in surface-contaminated soil.
  • Inappropriate demolition of buildings.
  • Damage to underground services which contain asbestos.
  • Uncontrolled dumping of asbestos waste or demolition materials containing asbestos.
  • The use of asbestos waste products as fill and formwork.
  • Rainwater and wind carrying fibres from degrading ACM cladding to the ground around a building.

Buildings containing asbestos products in a damaged or deteriorated condition also have the potential to release fibres and to contaminate the surrounding soils.

Health risks from asbestos in soil

Asbestos poses a risk to human health when asbestos fibres are breathed in.

The likelihood of exposure occurring depends upon the potential for the asbestos material to release fibres, whether the asbestos material is contained or covered and any operational control measures which have been applied to limit the generation and/or inhalation of airborne fibres.

If you suspect your site could be contaminated by asbestos the best thing to do is get the area tested. Our experienced team can visit your property and carry out the necessary testing and recommend remediation strategies if required. Contact Us Today to get started.

Dealing with asbestos in soil

Asbestos is stable and will remain in the soil indefinitely unless it is disturbed.

If asbestos-contaminated soil removal is required, a site-specific site management plan is required to ensure the health and safety of workers and nearby site users is protected during the removal work, and for legal compliance.

The assessment of asbestos in soil should only be conducted by a competent person who has acquired thorough training, qualification or experience. Our qualified assessors have the knowledge and skills to identify, investigate and assess asbestos and to develop appropriate risk management strategies. Get in touch today.

For effective and safe management of asbestos contaminated soil, contact our team today.