One Of A Kind

Thomas Consultants have the only mobile asbestos fibre counting lab in the north island.

We are able to provide the ability to conduct the entire asbestos air monitoring procedure and process your air monitoring results and advise you while you wait, whether your work site is meeting Worksafe NZ’s industry standards for respirable asbestos fibres in the air.

We Accommodate Your Needs

Talk to our team today about adding your Auckland project site to our mobile route, and we will provide on-site asbestos fibre counting services daily.

For sites across New Zealand we can bring our daily fibre counting services to you – contact us for special arrangements.

We Come To You

Our specially fitted out mobile asbestos fibre counting laboratory has state of the art technology, and is available to come to you.

Our specially trained team will provide quick turnaround results for your air monitoring, saving you time and money on standard lab turnarounds, allowing you to keep your site works moving.

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