About Thomas Consultants Ltd

Thomas Consultants is a New Zealand owned multidisciplinary consultancy based in Auckland and servicing New Zealand.

Since being established in 2000 we have built a reputation with property owners, developers, community-based organisations and local government for being approachable, dependable and professional project-partners.

Our team of Asbestos Assessors

Established in 2009, the Environmental Contamination team at Thomas Consultants has quickly grown into one of the most effective teams of Asbestos Surveyors and Assessors of its kind in Auckland. This is due to our commitment to providing efficient and high quality asbestos testing, monitoring and consulting services across a wide variety of projects, which range from commercial and industrial buildings, large-scale housing developments through to individual properties.

As a leading provider of asbestos consulting services, our Asbestos Assessors are all highly-skilled to identify asbestos and tackle all issues related to the testing and asbestos removal in buildings and remediation of asbestos contaminated soils. The team are all tertiary qualified individuals who have been highly trained in the area of environmental contamination, with a special focus in asbestos. We have a wide range of backgrounds, with specialists in surveying, large-scale remediation, occupational health, environmental monitoring and more. You are in safe hands with us.

Our team are the principal independent asbestos consultants for many property developers and government agencies for surveying and assessing the potential asbestos hazards and to fill the roles of project managers and/or contract engineers

Full Project Management Service

Our Worksafe NZ licensed Asbestos Assessors are competent in best practice removal techniques for both Class A (friable) and Class B (non-friable) works. Not only can we identity asbestos containing materials on your building, we can provide advice on the most cost-effective removal techniques without compromising health and safety. Our highly-experienced team can manage, supervise and monitor your asbestos removal project to ensure successful completion of the works.

Our  IP402 & ISO45001 qualified Asbestos Surveyors can visit your residential or commercial property to carry out a visual inspection, asbestos sampling and testing and provide an asbestos management, refurbishment or demolition survey report, which provides details on the amount, condition, type, surface treatment, friability and location of all asbestos-containing materials. Using this information, Thomas Consultants can write a comprehensive asbestos management plan which will guide you in the management of asbestos in your building/s.”

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Our Vision

We strive to be the professional service provider of all environmental contamination services for local and central government agencies, industry and private clients, in Auckland and beyond.