When is an Asbestos Management Plan required?

If asbestos containing materials (ACM) are found to be present following an asbestos survey, in most cases removal is not required, but rather an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) should be in place, which outlines how these materials can be safely managed.

Thomas Consultants can work with you to produce a comprehensive asbestos management plan.

A typical Asbestos Management Plan

Our plans include the following:

  • Locations and types of asbestos (including photographs and detailed explanation).
  • Risk matrix for asbestos containing materials.
  • How asbestos will be managed, e.g. left alone (if it is in good condition and in a location where it will not be disturbed), encapsulated (sealing, painting or enclosing it) or removed.
  • A list of stakeholders (PCBU – Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) who will be involved in the management process.
  • A detailed timeline for managing asbestos including dates for encapsulation, removal and monitoring. An Asbestos Management Plan will need to be reviewed at least every five years, or following any change to a situation (i.e. removal).

Who needs an Asbestos Management Plan?

You will likely be required to put together an Asbestos Management Plan if you are:

  • An Owner and/or Operator of a commercial building/s or workplace that has had asbestos positively identified or it has been identified that it is likely to be present.
  • A Landlord for domestic properties which have been identified as having asbestos present.

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