Professional Asbestos Testing Team

The Thomas Consultants environmental contamination team are all tertiary qualified, with a number of engineers in the team.  We ensure that our team members are licensed asbestos assessor, and our company holds Class A and B removalist licenses. When you choose to work with Thomas Consultants, you can rest assured our team are fully qualified and have the experience to take the best care of your project.

Asbestos Land Remediation

We are experts in the remediation of asbestos contaminated land. This is due to our years of experience managing large-scale asbestos soil contamination projects. We know the problems that can come about from finding asbestos in your land and take every measure to mitigate and remove the problem for our clients. From identification, removal through to clearance we are fully equipped and certified to handle all of our clients’ needs.

Air Monitoring Following Asbestos Removal

As even the smallest amount of asbestos in the air can be dangerous over time – and as asbestos-related illnesses can take decades to develop – our expert team take every precaution in assessing the area of a recent asbestos removal. We take this responsibility very seriously and our team thorough in their clearance checks to ensure all air is safe and free of contaminants.

Our team are qualified to issue asbestos clearance certificates, and are fully licensed under the Worksafe NZ asbestos regulations to work on any site. We also carry full certification under AS/NZS 4801 and are members of JAS-ANZ.

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