Exporting your vehicle to Australia?

Attention car exporters to Australia: Are you aware of the asbestos regulations in Australia? Asbestos has been completely banned in Australia since 2003, so it is crucial to ensure that all asbestos-containing components are removed from your vehicle before exporting it to Australia. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences such as fines or legal action, as well as significant delays at the border.

Please note that if your car was built before 2000, it is considered at risk for asbestos, and you will need to provide proof that the entire vehicle, including all parts and components, is asbestos-free. The Australian Border Force will only accept a clearance certificate from an asbestos professional, along with the test results, as evidence that there is no asbestos present.

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How do I obtain assurance?

The Australian Border Force (ABF) will accept a clearance certificate with accompanying laboratory results from an Asbestos Professional as sufficient assurance that there is no asbestos content.

Please note, as stated by the ABF “a ‘face value’ letter from the supplier, or the supplier’s mechanic, merely stating there is no asbestos content is unlikely to provide sufficient assurance.” For further information from ABF click here.

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How We Can Help

Thomas Consultants is here to help you with pre-export/import asbestos testing for all types of vehicles. Our skilled asbestos team can :

  • Visit your property, mechanic, or storage space to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle, take samples, and send them to a lab that is IANZ equivalently accredited for evaluation.
  • We will provide a clearance certificate indicating the absence of asbestos in the vehicle, as required by the Australian Border Force, along with supporting laboratory test results paperwork.

If we determine that your car contains asbestos in any parts or components, we can recommend removalists to assist with the process. We can also retest the car after removal and provide you with a clearance certificate.

Don’t take any chances with the safety of your vehicle or the consequences of non-compliance with Australian regulations. Contact Thomas Consultants today for pre-export/import asbestos testing and ensure your vehicle is asbestos-free before exporting it to Australia.

What cars are typically at risk?

While it’s possible asbestos could be in any motor vehicle manufactured prior to 2000, it has been more commonly found in classic and vintage cars (generally more than 40 years old) including:

  • Ford Mustangs
  • Rolls-Royces
  • Bentleys
  • Jaguars
  • Chevrolets.

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Where is asbestos in cars usually found?

Generally speaking, the more common locations asbestos is found in older cars are:

  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Seals
  • Clutch linings
  • Gaskets
  • Firewalls
  • Bonnet Liners
  • Asphalt (bitumen) undercoating

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