During 2017, Thomas Consultants secured a contract to provide asbestos contamination testing services to a well-known fast food franchise across all their restaurants within New Zealand. This involved travelling the country to assess the condition of over 100 restaurants.

The process for each of these asbestos surveys began with a visit to the site to assess the condition of all possible asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). These surveys were generally completed outside of business hours to suit each franchise owner. Asbestos samples were taken where possible, and sent to an accredited laboratory to identify the presence of asbestos fibres. Where non-invasive survey techniques were required, we made visual assessments of products.

The restaurants were all completed by our team of asbestos assessors and each franchise owner received their asbestos management plan within one week of the lab results being published. As part of our ongoing asbestos testing services, we also followed up with each franchisee, providing advice, support, and working closely with the project managers for overall cost savings on all asbestos removal work.

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