Thomas Consultants has provided various asbestos survey and testing services for education providers as part of their classroom relocation programme. Prior to the relocation of classrooms in primary and high schools in the Auckland region, Thomas Consultants was contracted to conduct asbestos surveys and prepare asbestos management plans.

These management plans determined the feasibility of re-use and subsequent relocation of classrooms. This was based on building condition reports and the asbestos surveys conducted, which outlined the building’s overall condition, an asbestos risk assessment, and suitability for classroom relocation. Fire integrity, weather tightness and the aesthetics of the buildings were considered during this assessment.

Our team of licensed assessors performed asbestos testing at over 100 different schools in the last 2 years, and coordinated this to align with school holidays and close-down periods.

Where any education providers chose to remove asbestos, Thomas Consultants carried out validation testing to ensure the classroom was safe for relocation and reoccupation. Thanks to our stringent asbestos controls and quick turnaround, all of the classrooms were provided with a clearance certificate, which ensured the students were able to return to the classrooms with the risk of asbestos contamination minimised.

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