When do I need a home asbestos test?

If you suspect that a product or material on your property may contain asbestos, the safest course of action is to get a home asbestos test done. In many cases, this may be done prior to renovation works which may affect the suspected materials.

Our licenced asbestos surveyors can visit your property, take a sample of the suspected material, have it analysed at an accredited laboratory and have your results returned as fast as possible to prevent delays on your project.

Along with the results, we can attach a report that outlines the location, condition and amount of materials that test positive for asbestos, which helps the removalist (if required) carrying out the works. Book A Home Asbestos Test today for your property.

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Why is a home asbestos test important?

Asbestos is composed of thousands of fibres, which can be released into the air when the product becomes damaged or worn. When inhaled, these fibres can get trapped in your lungs and potentially cause asbestos related illnesses.

This is why it is important to have any asbestos containing materials (ACM) correctly identified and managed in a safe manner before any renovation works have begun.

Along with the health risks of exposure to asbestos, it is a legal requirement in New Zealand to have any suspected asbestos materials tested and removed prior to refurbishment or demolition works.

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