Recently, Thomas Consultants had the privilege of being the primary provider of asbestos testing services for one of the largest housing developments in New Zealand. This involved conducting asbestos surveys of homes and large buildings in preparation for either renovation, transport from site or demolition. Where asbestos was located within any buildings or within the soil, our asbestos testing team acted as project managers to control the asbestos removal. Using our licensed asbestos assessors, we were also able to provide ongoing asbestos air monitoring, validation, and site clearance. We made sure that every building was deemed clear of asbestos and safe for development.

Our role involved providing asbestos surveys for over 450 properties, overseeing 80 hectares of land to be redeveloped, and project managing a large number of contractors across an eight-year period. As part of our role as asbestos contamination project managers, we assisted the client with the tendering and procurement of contractors, supervision on the safe decontamination of hazardous materials from the buildings, and organisation of cost-effective removal and disposal of all asbestos-containing materials.

Our work with this client also enabled them to receive a national award for Health and Safety for their management of asbestos on site.

Thomas Asbestos Testing Housing Development

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