This asbestos project carried out by Thomas Consultants involved identifying all asbestos-containing materials within all rest homes owned by the client, specifically any buildings constructed prior to 2000 within New Zealand.

Following our team’s on-site asbestos surveys, asbestos management reports were produced to identify locations of all asbestos-containing materials discovered in 41 facilities nationwide. After being made aware of time constraints, our team quickly mobilised and we were able to conduct all surveys within six months.

Our expert team were friendly and discrete, ensuring all residents were cared for during the asbestos surveys, and worked closely with the facilities manager to assist them on updating property information and as-builts. All on-site asbestos testing services were carried out in a manner to befit the requirements of the residents and ensure their well-being.

The asbestos management reports produced by the Thomas Consultants team are key to the long-term management of the facility, and will ensure any work done on-site first considers any potential risk to disturbing asbestos – allowing the client to plan future renovation works while securing the safety of all involved.

Thomas asbestos surveying rest home

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