No more lab wait times for results!

Thomas Consultants have the capability to immediately identify asbestos for many common areas* onsite via our mobile laboratory. This cutting-edge testing technology allows rapid and accurate identification of asbestos, providing savings and a greatly improved customer experience.



*At this stage instant testing is not available for roofing, vinyl tiles and textured ceilings. For these areas our team would take samples and send off for laboratory analysis (turnaround time typically 3 days. 1 day turnaround possible at an additional cost).

Benefits of Instant Asbestos Testing

  • Immediate and accurate results – testing is carried out onsite with results available within seconds
  • Cost effective – minimise laboratory costs
  • Ideal for emergency response management
  • Non-destructive testing method – building integrity and weathertightness will not be compromised; no aesthetic damages
  • Ability to test live services
    (electrical, water, steam, gas, ducted heating and boilers)
  • Immediate labelling as required for management plans
    – no second visit required

Have some suspect material on your house or building?
A visit from us will immediately let you know if it’s asbestos.