Asbestos in Farm Buildings

Asbestos was a common building material used in a number of farm buildings including sheds, barns and workshops. Due to the age of the buildings and locations of asbestos containing materials (ACM) on them, it is highly likely that most ACM has suffered from some form of weathering and could be well past its use by date. Since 2016, it has been a Worksafe NZ requirement that a PCBU must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all asbestos or asbestos containing material (ACM) is identified. Depending on the use of the building/s and future plans (e.g. demolition) an asbestos survey can be tailored to suit your requirements.

  • We can also test specific areas of concern (e.g. textured ceilings or cladding) and provide you with an IANZ accredited lab report on completion. Contact our team today to find out more.

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Purpose of an Asbestos Survey

An asbestos survey is carried out to identify any potential asbestos containing materials (ACM) within a building or area of a building. It consists of an on-site assessment by a professional asbestos surveyor and a report following the assessment to outline the full findings. An asbestos survey from will identify the location, condition and amount of any asbestos containing materials in the area. 

During the on-site assessment, the asbestos surveyor will identify possible asbestos containing materials, take photos for identification, and take small samples of products as required. Following the assessment, samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis while the report is being compiled by the surveyor. The laboratory will identify the presence and type of any asbestos found within the materials tested.

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Types of Asbestos Surveys

There are three main types of asbestos surveys – the extent of asbestos identification for each type depends on the level of works proposed for the property, if applicable:

  • Asbestos Demolition Survey: When a building is to be demolished, all asbestos containing materials within the property must be identified and removed prior to the demolition works. This is a fully intrusive survey and aesthetics of the building (e.g. holes in plasterboard) will likely be affected through the sampling and identification process.
  • Asbestos Refurbishment Survey: When refurbishment work is planned for the entire property or specific sections within the building, all asbestos materials in the area that may be disturbed by the proposed works need to be identified and removed. This is a partially intrusive survey.
  • Asbestos Management Survey: When no immediate works are proposed but the client requires the identification of asbestos containing materials within the building which may be affected by regular activities or minor maintenance works. This is a non-intrusive survey and will not affect the structure or condition of any products or materials within the building.

Comprehensive Asbestos Testing

Each asbestos survey will result in an asbestos survey report containing the following information:

  • Floor plans of each level of each building;
  • Detailed plans of where every type of asbestos has been identified;
  • Detail of the type/s of asbestos found;
  • Condition of the asbestos found; and
  • Risk score for each asbestos material found.

The asbestos survey reports that we prepare are thorough, and meet the requirements of all legislation and regulations to ensure you meet your obligations as a home or business owner. Our reports are all peer reviewed for accuracy, and our full independence means you can trust us. We are ASNZS 4801:2001 accredited.

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